If you don't see what you're looking for, please e-mail!  If I am unable to accommodate your request, I am happy to refer you to someone local who is a better fit.  Richmond is a wonderful community of dog lovers.  We welcome you!
Private Training - Basic Training


I am available for private training with you and your dog.  I can help guide you with basic skills such as house training and basic commands, loose leash walking and more.  This is a perfect option if you have recently brought home a new dog or puppy and want to start off on the right track.

Private Training - Behavior Modification


If your pup has not gotten off on the right track or has some issues that need addressing, I would love to help you come up with a fun and straightforward plan for improving your dog's behavior in a happy, positive way.

Group classes -- Coming soon!


Starting this summer, I will be offering puppy socialization and basic obedience classes in a group setting. 

Pet Sitting


Petsitting is available within 15 miles of Mechanicsville 23111.  If you are outside of our area we are happy to provide a reference to a quality pet sitter near you! 

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